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Do you want to propel your business way past its current growth trajectory?

Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Limited (RMI) was brave enough to support entrepreneurial visions and invest in and enable start-ups which had a dream of changing mature industries that have today evolved into market leaders.

Are you looking for a supportive acceleration programme to take you on this journey?

Scaling up your business is a big step; one that is in equal parts exciting and daunting. It’s an inherently complex process that can be made easier by guidance from experienced business leaders, proven tools and specialised industry knowledge.

We offer you all of this on AlphaCode ACCELERATE, a transformative 2-year programme run in partnership with scale-up accelerator 10XE that is focused on helping you achieve your scaling goals.

Do you have the qualities of a

globally competitive and scalable business?


No longer a start-up; proven product-market fit and scalable business model

  • TEAM

Founder-led business; team of 2 or more; impressive track records and complimentary skills


Impressive, respectful, teachable, honest, humble leaders with a commitment and reputation for doing good

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The business is looking to transition from a small entrepreneurial team to a larger team and/or are dealing with the complexity that comes with professionalising a growing business, inter alia, systems scaling, routes to market, processes, regulatory compliance etc. that needs to be carefully managed

  • 10X-ABLE

Chasing a big opportunity with an innovative offering and a significant moat


'Co-founders' have demonstrated true grit to date in getting their start-up to a business with a sustainable business model

Alphacode Accelerate offers unmatched support to propel your business beyond your current path

If you’re selected, AlphaCode Accelerate, powered by 10xE will deliver remarkable value to you, your team and your business. The programme focuses on the kinds of major challenges you’ll face over the next 12 to 24 months. We will surround you with established and highly regarded business leaders, tools and knowledge with the mission of shifting you from a 3X trajectory to a 10X trajectory.

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Customised growth


(Growth Engine strengths & weakness)


Systematic scale-up


Workbook & templates, starting where you are, focusing on your priorities


Nail strategy:

Identify & build your growth engine

Priotitise & delegate targets

Implement growth

operating system

Capital raising

Specialised leadership

Super coach:

Experienced scale-up CEO

Scale-up bootcamps:

Up to 15 days over

18 months for top 3-5 leaders

Nano books:

Know-how in a nutshell


Scale-up execs

Expert advice & implementation capacity

Super coach:

Experienced scale-up CEO

Implementation support:

MBA consultant


Execution management

Performance management

Power boards


Growth strategy

Our community

of companies

In 2018, we identified four high growth, high potential businesses with proven track records that are ready to scale. The businesses cover a range of categories including a working capital financing company, an authentification and mobile app security firm, a digital insurance platform and a “crowdfarming” platform.

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