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Are you looking to collaborate with one of the leading companies within the RMI portfolio?

Could your business provide an innovative fintech solution to one of these established firms?

At AlphaCode, we believe in the power of partnership. An agile, progressive fintech firm with a pioneering way to help an incumbent improve its offering is an invaluable asset. By the same token, a well-established financial services firm can offer experience, networks and infrastructure to the fintech trying to make its mark on the industry.

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Innovative insurer focused on scientific underwriting and pricing

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Disruptive insurer with a novel behavioural-linked insurance approach

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MMI Holdings

Financial services provider committed to lifetime financial wellness and innovation

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First Rand

An innovative and established finanicial services group with a strong owner-manager culture

Successful collaborations

in our portfolio of companies

We’ve helped some of our companies make their mark on the industry by collaborating with established incumbents looking to modernise their offering. Each of these companies is bringing traditional firms into the twenty-first century by pioneering ways in which they can use advanced technology to improve their businesses.

How will my business benefit?

The aim of AlphaCode Collaborate is to enable a mutually beneficial relationship between entrepreneurial fintech and the more entrenched businesses in the sector.

An active partnership

  • Form a value-adding partnership with one of the industry’s top financial companies
  • Be introduced to mentors and seniors in our group to help guide you and your startup

Industry knowledge

  • An improved understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing large corporates

Client relationships

  • Access to a ready-made client base that’s been built up over a long time

Enhanced credibility and prestige

  • Raise your profile by having your business associated with one of our highly regarded portfolio companies

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