• 01 March 2017
  • 08:00

Blockchain Africa Conference 2017

The blockchain is a global distributed ledger – maintained on a distributed network of computers – that facilitates the movement of assets across the world in seconds. The properties of blockchain technology offer huge innovation potential in various technological fields. Many consider this technology as the greatest revolution since the arrival of the internet.


  • What use cases exist or are being developed globally and in Africa for payments, settlements, KYC, AML, the blockchain as a service and identity management?

  • What opportunities exist for using smart contracts and distributed ledger technology in finance, insurance and supply chain management?

  • What concerns exist around performance, scalability and blockchain infrastructure?

  • What regulatory frameworks and compliance exist currently? What concerns do the regulators have with this technology?


The Blockchain Africa Conference 2017 has attracted professionals from various sectors: government, central banks, regulation and compliance, risk, academic institutions, software and technology firms, leading industry startups, consultancy firms, investment firms, and financial services institutions.

Speakers will be presenting topics such as blockchain use cases, how incumbents and innovators alike are using the technology, perceptions versus the reality of implementing blockchain technology, how to create an inclusive financial system using digital currencies, the role of investors, how businesses are completely redesigning their business models and what the regulatory landscape is looking like globally.

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