• 09 May 2017
  • 09:00

Blockchain for Beginners Course

There is a lot of excitement lately about the opportunities that digital currencies and its underlying technology, the blockchain offers. From trading, mining or using the technology to streamline existing systems and processes in industries such as insurance, banking, payments, remittances, identity, governance, health, real estate and much more.

The Blockchain Beginner course is for individuals who are new to digital currencies and blockchain technology and want to learn more about how to get started with bitcoin and blockchain technology. The course covers the basics of money, bitcoin and the blockchain, how to use bitcoin: buy and sell bitcoin; send and receive bitcoin; and how to store bitcoin in a wallet, bitcoin and wallet security, compliance and regulation and highlights the future of this space as well as the companies and institutions globally and locally that are currently using this technology.

Similar to how the internet completely changed how people digitally share information, blockchain technology is revolutionising the storing and transacting of value.

Attendees will receive a training manual for reference purposes as well as a Certificate of Completion. Refreshments and a light lunch will be served.

The Blockchain Academy provides training for financial institutions, organisations, corporates, developers, entrepreneurs, startups, schools and government on digital currencies and blockchain technology. There is a lot of excitement globally on the opportunities that digital currencies such as bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, offers for both financial and non-financial institutions. At the same time, a lot of confusion exists on what it is and how it works. The Blockchain Academy was established to help individuals better understand how this technology can improve incumbent organisations, systems and processes so that they can develop their own applications using this innovative and disruptive technology.

Training takes place over a full day and is tailored to meet the needs of different target audiences with sessions directed at market professionals; finance, operations & treasury; legal, insurance, compliance & accounting; and technology professionals.

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