• 25 July 2017
  • 09:00

Blockchain for Developers Course

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is proven technology and its use is growing. A number of banks and financial institutions in South Africa are experimenting with the technology, installing it in innovation labs and running proof of concepts. Companies are starting to require their developers to understand this technology and how to build solutions based on blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

The Blockchain for Developers course will provide the information you need to understand the basics of bitcoin and the blockchain, how transactions work, how to create public and private keys, digital signatures, and how to start building blockchain-based applications. The aim of this course is to provide developers with hands-on experience to develop applications using the Bitcoin Protocol. The instructor will do code examples in Node.js and demonstrate which plugins, APIs and tools can be used to build decentralised distributed ledger applications.


  • Basic object-oriented programming experience
  • Basic understanding of Javascript and Node.js

At the end of the course, the developer will know how to: - setup a development environment by installing and configuring the Bitcoin Core software - deploy a Bitcoin Server - use the Bitcoin Core RPC API to create wallets, digital signatures and public and private keys, check balances and make payments - use 3rd party libraries and APIs to abstract away many of the complexities of using the Bitcoin protocol

The course will not cover the internal aspects of Bitcoin such as its Proof of Work, transaction and blockchain structures and cryptography.

Module 1: Basic Concepts

  • Bitcoin scripting language: Script
  • Cryptographic hash functions
  • Cryptographic signatures
  • Blockchain
  • Multi-signature transactions
  • Addresses
  • Public and private keys
  • Wallets

Module 2: Demo

  • How to create a bitcoin transaction
  • How to create a public and private key
  • How to create a digital signature

Module 3: 3rd Party Bitcoin Libraries and Web APIs

  • Web APIs
  • Libraries
  • Blockchain For Financial Institutions Course

COST: R4500.00pp

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