• 27 June 2019
  • 18:00

Industry Insights - Data. Everyone's spoken about it, lets help you use it!

Speaker dalene deale

Dalene Deale

Director: Sales & Fintech

Speaker gretchen tan 144d2702

Gretchen Tan

Fintech Strategy and Business Development Head - International

Transunion's, Dalene Deale (Director Sales & Fintech) and Gretchen Tan (Fintech strategy and Business Development head - International) will share their respective local and international experiences on how fintech's have been able to answer the questions: * Who can I speak to in order to access customer data to validate my MVP? * In the age of customer centricity, how do I hyper-personalise my product offering? * How do I ensure that I'm selling to the right audience?

If you have these questions and no answers, then come through. If you have the answers and would love to hear how global implementations match your own, join in as well. You'll get to also hear about how Transunion is helping fintech's access credit history data in order to start and scale. 

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