• 19 May 2016
  • 18:00

Start-Up Thursday: The Truth Behind Venture Capital

Speaker speakers sampokroy

Sam Pokroy

Founder, Sanari Capital

Speaker speakers liewclaasen

Llew Claasen

Co-founder, Newton Partners

Speaker speakers christophercampbell

Christopher Campbell

Co-founder SABAN

Learning how to get venture capital is an invaluable skill for the entrepreneur. You may not know how to get venture capital when you start a new business, but accessing venture capital can mean success or failure of your business venture before it even gets off the ground.

Whether it’s at the start-up phase or once your business is up and running, you’re bound to reach a stage where you require additional funding. Knowing how to get venture capital can prove invaluable at pretty much any stage in your business’s lifecycle.

We chatted to industry experts Llew Claasen, Co-Founder of Newton Partners, Sam Pokroy, Founder and CEO of Sanari Capital and Chris Campbell, Co-founder of SABAN.

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