• 28 July 2016
  • 18:00

StartUp Thursday: Profit with Purpose

Speaker speakers wayneduvenage

Wayne Duvenage

Chairman, OUTA

Speaker speakers janicejohnston

Janice Johnston

Investment Officer, EdgeGrowth

Speaker speakers bandilediabantu

Bandile Dlabantu

Founder, Kehpri Innovations

Speaker garykayle

Gary Kayle

Founder, The Money School

Activism is at the centre of attention this month, so please join us in partnership with SiMODiSA as we celebrate social entrepreneurs who care about our people and our planet while still managing to make a profit.

Join AlphaCode and SiMODiSA as we host four incredible social entrepreneurs who are coming to share with us their experiences and entrepreneurial journies. You can expect to network with industry experts, thought leaders and investors.

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