Alphacode incubate update

Do you have a startup or idea that could disrupt the financial services industry or other related industries?

AlphaCode Incubate’s mission is to help disruptive, early-stage startups with pioneering ideas meaningfully gain traction and impact the industries they operate in.


Do you need expert advice, support and grant capital to help your business or idea take off?

Getting an early-stage business or idea off the ground requires much more than just patience, luck and determination. There are many challenges to overcome when you first start out and knowing how to navigate these challenges is crucial to your success.

The AlphaCode Incubate programme is designed to identify, partner with and grow innovative entrepreneurs. Startups on the programme receive support through funding, guidance from mentors and advisory experts, access to our co-working space and opportunities to apply to further early-stage investment from AlphaCode.

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Tiered incubator package

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The first phase of the programme is the 12-week Jump-Start Programme which focuses on helping your startup establish problem-solution fit and explores the viability of your business model.

After demo day, the startups selected will join the 6-month Step-Up Programme aimed at helping the startup achieve product-market fit, feasibility and financial viability.

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Personalised mentorship and
comprehensive business support

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Gain valuable insights guidance from performance coaches and a panel of advisory experts.

This funding will help you pay salaries, grow your team or invest in new technology.

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Grant funding
to help businesses grow
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Office space at AlphaCode’s exclusive, centrally-located co-working space.

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Prime co-working
office space
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What the programme looks like

Applications openJump-start programmeStep-up programme
30 applicants will be chosen through the selection bootcamp8 startups will be selected4 startups will be selected
Submit and present deliverables then participate in a panel interviewEstablish a market-viable business with a problem-solution fitCreate a sustainable and profitable business
Entrepreneurial package valued at R500 000Entrepreneurial package valued at R1 000 000
3 months6 months

Our community

of companies

To date, AlphaCode Incubate has disbursed R33.5 million in grant funding, helping 41 startups reach their next phase of growth. We’ve just wrapped up our latest cohort with ten startups and we’re excited for their journeys beyond the programme.

Don’t delay,apply today!