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Are you looking for growth capital to help scale your fintech business?

Could your business do with strategic involvement from an experienced, committed and responsible shareholder like RMI/AlphaCode?

Equity investment is often the next step in the growth process for those businesses that have gained some traction in the market. It’s crucial to find an investor that understands the sector’s challenges and who’s interests and objectives are aligned to your own, one with the appropriate experience, that won’t exert undue influence on your business, and that wants to partner with you for the long term. While this is not an easy set of boxes to tick, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your values, business model or ambitions in order to do so.

At AlphaCode, we have a proven track record of helping next generation fintech businesses make their mark on the industry. Our aim is to provide supportive, enduring capital to high potential fintech businesses intent on disrupting the financial services sector. We are committed to helping create value, without imposing unnecessarily on your culture or business model. Given our experience in helping businesses across various stages of development, we are well-placed to help you navigate the sector’s challenges and opportunities wherever you are in your growth journey.

Our portfolio

of companies

Our growth capital investments have made a significant difference to industry-disrupters such as authentication and mobile security app developer Entersekt, direct alternative lender Merchant Capital and international student financing provider Prodigy Finance. We are proud to be associated with such successful innovations through our strategic input and access to patient capital.

We're looking for high potential financial services businesses

  • An early-stage, revenue-generating and disruptive business model with a strong competitive position, the potential to scale and a promising runway for growth
  • An insightful, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial management team
  • A need for growth capital from a strategic, long-term partner

How will my

business benefit?


You’ll receive growth capital from a committed, well-established and responsible shareholder


We’ll partner with you for the long-term to help your business realise its potential through meaningful strategic input from seasoned experts


An RMI/AlphaCode equity investment sends a strong signal to the market about your potential given our credible brand position in the industry


We play an active and value-enhancing shareholder role within governance bodies, particularly when it comes to strategic decision-making

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