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#ACIncubate: Budgie empowers youth with financial health and control

Published on April 14th, 2020

Startup’s name: Budgie

Launch date: The second half of 2020

The team:

Nchila Mokoena: Chief Executive Officer

Ruben Engelbrecht: Chief Technology Officer

Thulo Sechele: Business Development Executive

Popo Sechele: Creative Director

The problem: Young people are rarely taught how to manage their money. While traditional financial service providers are still trying to understand their needs, youth have limited options for learning how to grow their wealth in ways that are tailored to them.

The solution: Developed by a young team, Budgie is aimed at youth who need financial control and a healthy relationship with their money. Through an app, they offer a new way to engage with their money by allowing them to have full control of their cash using autopilot budgeting, spending alerts and saving options.

Budgie puts users in control of their journey to financial well-being by equipping them with the skills to be the boss of their money.

Learn more about this transformative fintech: