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Published on August 10th, 2017

A strong, experienced consultant in business strategy, investor pitch materials, financial modelling, fund raising, marketing strategy, monetization, scalability and growth hacking is often the difference between an incredibly successful startup and one that just gets by – and often fails. So, how can a fintech start-up attract the high-power talent they need, at a budget they can afford? That’s where LinkdPro freelance consultants can help. LinkdPro allows start-ups looking for specialised expertise on a project-basis to connect to quality freelance strategy advisors and start-up experts who possess solid work experience from top consulting firms, and who deliver great project work at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting firms.

As startup founders, we really understand the challenges of building a successful start-up, especially on the African continent, ranging from:

  • Having to tackle something for the first time
  • Not having enough hours in the day
  • Preparation of:
    • investor/funding proposals
    • financial models, financial accounts and projections
    • a bankable business plan
  • Defining a marketing and growth strategy
  • Not knowing where to find the right expertise necessary to set up the startup for rapid growth

We also wanted to demystify the notion that getting a top consulting talent from a professional consulting firm (e.g. Mckinsey, Bain, PwC, Accenture or Deloitte etc.) is expensive. There is a new breed of top consultants and business experts who are leaving big management consulting and advisory firms to work on short term projects with start-ups. More and more forward-thinking start-ups are gaining a competitive edge using our freelance model as they are able to source professional help and guidance from start-up experts as and when they want, and at a budget they get to specify, allowing them to achieve accelerated growth and reach their goals.

Our flexible and cost-effective delivery model has made it possible for start-ups to attract the right talent they need at a budget they can afford in areas such as:

  • Startup strategy, market definition and sizing, growth strategy
  • Startup planning, startup valuations, analysis and reporting
  • Pricing, value-creation, monetisation
  • Operations, scalability, productivity
  • Investor pitch documents and fund raising documents
  • Offline and online marketing (including growth hacking/user acquisition)

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