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Melon is demystifying the world of crypto to make it more accessible

Published on May 4th, 2021

It doesn't feel like it, but it’s already been more than a decade since the dawn of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Since then the industry has had many moves, waves, lulls, and a plethora of additions. Yet there is a general sense that the everyday person is still not adequately empowered with the knowledge to confidently invest on their own.

Add to that, alongside crypto’s rise came the surge of scams and large-scale criminal operations, which took advantage of these everyday people’s lack of understanding of how it all works. Despite the potentially lucrative returns, coupled with the risk, it’s easy to see why there is a trepidation or at least reluctance to invest.

These anxieties haven’t completely been quelled by crypto exchanges either, which act as a broker between buyer and seller. The onus still remains on you to have the smarts about you regarding the best currencies and what the markets are doing.

Simplifying the complicated world of crypto

With years of experience in the industry, an intimate knowledge of all aspects of cryptocurrency, and having started crypto-based ventures in the past, Kreaan Singh and Alex Coetzee noticed a gaping hole in the market.

The pair founded Melon, which is aimed at empowering aspiring crypto investors to understand the industry, while making it simple for them to own the top cryptocurrencies in bundled packages. These bundles ensure that investors have a diverse investment in one product.

“Holding a basket of different cryptocurrencies allows an investor to gain exposure to different aspects of the crypto industry, and therefore diversify their portfolio for maximum potential.” says Singh.

So where a trading interface lets the user purchase and manage their crypto themselves, Melon manages investments for their customers, removing any guess work, and significantly mitigating risk for the individual.

Empowering through education

Singh is also the founder of crypto education platform, CoinEd, which has given him invaluable insights into what the market needs now.

“People were coming to us as the price of Bitcoin was sky-rocketing and asking how they could get involved. We were often asked to advise them on both the 'best' cryptocurrencies and the trusted companies,” says Singh on part of the inspiration for Melon.

They learnt first-hand through CoinEd that with a little bit of education, a lot of the confusion is lifted, potential investors’ anxieties are eased, and scams become easier to identify. Determined to help people better understand crypto, education will be a big part of their offering too.

“Education will be a key focus of Melon. Each bundle will clearly explain the cryptocurrencies that are included in it, why each cryptocurrency is important, their price history, and their future potential. There will also be broader educational content available that is not related directly to investing, such as wallet security, transacting, and the history of cryptocurrencies,” Singh tells us.

Melon literally means it when they say you can invest in crypto with just a few clicks. They’ve uncomplicated an area that almost feels deliberately confusing to the everyday person, and this could just signal a turning point in South Africans’ attitudes towards crypto.