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Agrigate Holdings Ltd. (Agrigate) is a software company that is disrupting the agricultural supply (value) chain and ancillary products within the micro and macro agriculture value chain while offering a business-to-business service.

The Agrigate team has seen a gap in what is an archaic and sub-optimal market in the perishable fruit markets. It is one of many agritech and fintech companies starting to look into possible disruptions in the agriculture industry, which, together, could fundamentally change the way that agricultural supply (value) chains work with a complete visibility model.

Agrigate aims to entrench its position as a sustainable business that unlocks transparent, end-to-end value for all stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain.

The business seeks to:

  • Empower farmers with direct access to local and international markets

  • Increase access to high-quality produce for local and international buyers

  • Provide farmers and buyers with visibility of the supply chain process and its costs

  • Create purchasing power for agricultural products, services and information, especially amongst small-scale farmers

  • Create a platform that is able to produce meaningful data for users of the platform and financial institutions

  • Optionality regarding choice and combination of products and services, including trade finance, insurance, Inco term structuring and forex management.

Greg Whitaker, Co-founder

Greg holds a bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Stellenbosch with majors in Transport economics and management accounting. Greg decided that towards the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 he was going to make his passion his business and gravitate back towards the Agricultural industry and focus on a concept he has been developing over the past 5 years. Greg held several positions at DSV over eight years and has experience in strategy, innovation, finance, business development and management. In Greg’s spare time he enjoys running, reading, mountain biking, farm trips and being in the bush.

Justin Whitaker

Justin studied honours in logistics at the University of Stellenbosch and is head of marketing at a perishable fruit trading company. Justin is an avid outdoors enthusiast and has a passion for adventure sports.

- 2017 - 2018 - Currently running beta testing with farmers through a prototype to understand the intrinsic need of the producer and the root of the current frustrations in the agriculture value chain and current relationships to develop the MVP to take to market

- 2017 - 2018 - Engaged with a range of key stakeholders in the supply chain with regards to logistics, insurance and trade finance

- 2018 – 2019 - Agrigate has committed volume from a number of farmers for the next two years to run trial movements starting later this year

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  • Alpha Code is a phenomenal platform to network with next generation fintech players offering leading thought leadership events in a world class environment. Look forward to watching the ecosystem facilitate the next ‘Uber’ of Africa.

    Dov Girnum, CEO Merchant Capital

  • Starting a business is a daunting prospect, especially one that has a focus on an unproven and experimental technology. I have benefitted enormously from the support and wisdom I have received from AlphaCode during my time as a member.

    Lorien Gamaroff, CEO Bankymoon

  • Being located in the heart of Africa's biggest financial services hub, we have gained a lot of credibility through AlphaCode. Our customers trust our brand by association, which results in increased sales of cows.

    Ntuthuko Shezi, CEO Livestock Wealth

  • AlphaCode is without a doubt the premium fintech and startup community in South Africa providing many learning, growth and network opportunities and an environment which adds concrete value to us

    Schalk Nolte, Founder Entersekt

  • Slide is now well on the way to causing significant disruption in the South African fintech sector. We would not have been able to break into the South African market so rapidly without the help provided by AlphaCode.

    Alon Stern, Founder Slide

  • AlphaCode has been instrumental in providing a platform for us to access industry thought leaders, networks, working space, coaching and ultimately the opportunity to pitch to global multi-nationals and secure funding that very few startups get to land in their first year.

    Priya Mistry, Founder CommuScore

  • AlphaCode has been instrumental in the growth of our business. Through the club, we have met many like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses with whom we have formed strategic partnerships. The team is incredibly generous with their time and continue to give us invaluable mentorship and support.

    Annabel Dallamore, CEO StriderTech