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Platinum Member, Data Analytics

Isazi Consulting

The word Isazi is the isiZulu word for scientist or bearer of knowledge; as a data science company, we excel in applying rigorous scientific methods to large datasets to extract meaning and knowledge.

At Isazi Consulting we not only understand the building blocks that make up data science, but also how to use these building blocks to add immediate value to our clients.

We begin any project by engaging closely with our clients, ensuring that we gain an intimate understanding of their business processes. This enables us to identify which areas of machine learning to apply to their data, and which kinds of insights we should be searching for. Once these insights are obtained, we are able to add value to our clients by means of predictions, diagnostics, decisions, etc.

These lead to a deeper understanding of the business, and still further insights and value.

We pride ourselves in being proficient with many tools available to both software developers and data scientists, and in keeping up to date with the latest developments in new technologies. This allows us to use the best possible tool for a client’s needs, thus giving us an incredible advantage over other companies, which would simply use the same, familiar tool in an attempt to solve all their clients’ different problems.

We employ a host of sophisticated and cutting-edge mathematical, statistical, analytical and predictive methodologies to reveal the nuances, hidden patterns and real meaning behind our clients’ data. We are experts in the field of machine learning, which - as can be seen below - we use to solve a wide range of difficult problems, such as customer segmentation, recommender systems, fraud detection, market forecasting, diagnostics, optimisation, compression, text recognition, image classification, epidemiological modeling, targeted marketing, and many more.

Financial statement fraud

Predicting companies that will receive qualified financial statements (possible financial statement fraud) is crucial to for the receiver of revenue, creditors and investors. Predictive analytics allows us to flag which companies have a greater probability of manipulating their financial statements in order to obtain an extended line of credit, inflate their share price and decrease their taxable income. Isazi consulting has been able to predict financial statement fraud with an accuracy of above 76%.

Insurance fraud

Insurance companies need to determine the risk profile of individuals who they offer insurance to. Customers behave in different ways (different insurance claims patters, different assets insured, etc..). We will soon be able to identify customers who are more likely to submit fraudulent claims and therefore adjust their premiums accordingly. This will enable insurance companies to optimally price their premiums.

Online Casinos

We predict players that are going to leave their casino before they actually leave. With this information the marketing team can intervene with a retention strategy before their players leave. We also have the ability to predict how much different groups of players would spend in the future to assist (using our machine learning algorithms). Having this information on a client helps the casino focus there energy on the cluster of players that have the highest potential value. Our algorithms predict at an accuracy level greater than 80%.

Crate Packing Optimisation

In many industries, boxes and crates of different dimensions and weight need to be packed in to shipping containers. Packing these containers in an optimal way (so that the minimum number of shipping containers are used) and bearing in mind packing standards (that define various limitations and weight distribution for transport over air, sea, land and air) is a very difficult problem. Isazi Consulting created an algorithm that solves this complex problem. The algorithm finds the optimal way of packing such containers. In one application using this algorithm, our client saves 15 containers per month, with each container costing around R40,000. This means that our client saves about R600,000 per month, or just over R7,000,000 per annum.

Airline Optimisation

The airline industry is extremely competitive. Perhaps the most important question for an airline is how to design their flight schedule in such a way as to maximise revenue. Isazi Consulting has developed an end-to-end solution that can solve this problem. Given business intelligence about point-to-point demand be tween every pair of cities over time, information about how much of the market an airline might be able to capture, and flight constraint and maintenance information, our algorithms are able to design an optimal, consistent flight schedule for the airline. This schedule is optimal in the sense that it generates the maximum possible revenue for the airline. We have also developed tools for changing schedules on the fly (say in the event of a natural disaster or popular concert, when flying demand suddenly changes), and seamlessly stitch schedules together. Our solution, unlike those of other industry players, is provably optimal.

Class Master

Improving education in South Africa was one of the core reasons that Isazi Consulting was created. We have developed a data driven solution for education that assists teachers to deliver the best possible education to their students. Where many technology driven education solutions are student focused, our solution is focused on teachers. Collecting thousands of data points per week about every student, it is able to offer teachers advice on how best to deliver content to the students in their classes. It can also offer essential training to teachers through a mobile device. Backed up by pedagogical theory and advanced software and artificial intelligence, the ClassMaster education solution is poised to revolutionise education across the world, starting in South Africa.

Maize Market Forecast

Companies who buy and sell maize expose themselves to a certain amount of risk because of the uncertainty in the price of maize in the future. The futures exchange provides a way to mitigate this risk, because it allows companies to guarantee a price in the future by performing a 100% hedge. This prevents such companies from making money when the stock prices change, however. We have developed a solution that analyses thousands of indicator variables, including hundreds of relevant weather statistics, political sentiment, financial indicators and past price trends. Our system enables us to forecast the direction of the future stock price of maize with 76% accuracy. This is more accurate than the futures price for the same expiry date, and enables our clients to design trading strategies that can generate far greater revenue in the future than the 100% hedge.

Epidemiological Modeling

We have done mathematical modelling and built software for an epidemiological modelling company on several occasions. This has included setting up a matrix eigenvalue model to determine the quantity of drug resistant HIV in a blood sample given the results of a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) lab test. We have also built an R package for nonlinear mixed effects models where an initial uniform distribution of infection times is added to the model. This was used in a study to infer the incidence rate of HIV from measurements of trace indicators in the blood.

Scene Text Recognition

There are thousands of problems that involve detecting text in a possibly blurry, low resolution image. Isazi Consulting has developed an engine, usable in the Android operating system, that enables developers to scan text from natural images. This technology is far more advanced than traditional OCR, which requires images to be high-resolution scans of documents. We have developed, as a sample application, an application that allows users to scan airtime slips by photographing them instead of entering 16 digit PIN codes. Another application we have developed, this time in the big-data space, is a tool that can scan through large image databases and extract text from all the images. This can then be used in data queries.

Ashley Anthony, Co-founder and CEO

Ashley has taken his knowledge as a geophysicist and has applied it to investment banking, mining and environmental management. This has placed him in a position to provide sustainable solutions through the integration of science and business with a major focus on developing Africa. Ashley holds a BSc Degree with a Triple Major (Physics, Mathematics and Environmental Science) through Wits. He then went on to do an Honours Degree in Geophysics (Wits) focusing on the correlations between commodity prices of precious and non precious metals.

Obakeng Moepya, Co-founder and Technical Director

Obakeng is a data scientist with qualifications in Mathematics of Finance, Applied Mathematics, with specialisations in global optimisation and currently completing his PhD, and is well positioned to design unique solutions to challenging real-world problems. He is passionate about contributing to the advancement of South Africa. Obakeng holds a BSC with honours in CAM (with distinction) and well as an honours in Math of Finance. He has completed his Masters degree in CAM focusing on efficient algorithm for non linear integer optimisation. He is currently completing his PhD in Data Mining approach for fraud detection through UJ.

Dario Fanucchi, Co-founder and Technical Director

Dario has excelled academically in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics throughout his career. He is also actively applying his expertise in algorithmic development and programming in order to develop next-generation solutions full-time at Isazi Consulting. He lectured Mathematical Modelling, MATLAB Programming, Image Processing, Lagrangian Mechanics, Computational Mathematics, Engineering Applied Mathematics, GIS and Spatial Modelling. Dario holds a BSc with honours in Pure Mathematics and CAM and a PhD in Bayesian Optimisation through Wits.

  • Data management
  • Business processes
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualisation and insights
  • Data science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematics
  • Algorithms
  • Skilled in over 40 different development languages

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    Alon Stern, Founder Slide

  • AlphaCode has been instrumental in providing a platform for us to access industry thought leaders, networks, working space, coaching and ultimately the opportunity to pitch to global multi-nationals and secure funding that very few startups get to land in their first year.

    Priya Mistry, Founder CommuScore

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