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Gold Member, Security & ID


ThisIsMe is a third party online identification and verification platform. We enable consumers and entities alike to be confident in their selected business partners, earlier and more effectively assuring them of trust and compliance.

ThisIsMe provides a verification service with the aim of removing complication from compliance. We do so in a completely user controlled manner, putting individuals back in control of their identity.

ThisIsMe (Pty) Ltd is licensed to provide, improve, localise and grow ThisIsMe in the Middle-East and Africa by the licensor ThisIsMe, Inc headquartered in San Francisco.

Our aim is to modernise identity for the connected internet era and provide a smart solution for distributing and controlling individual identity assets.

Mark Chirnside, Co-founder and CEO

As CEO of ThisIsMe, Mark is passionate about and inspired by driving groundbreaking concepts, and has a few globally-recognized successes of his own. Having joined the company with a unique depth of knowledge in the payments and software development industry, Mark’s contribution is paramount to leading the team towards a brilliant future.

David Thomas, Co-founder and Head of Product

Having co-founded ThisIsMe with Juan Furmie in 2013, David was originally the Chief Technical Officer of ThisIsMe. When Armond Furmie joined the team as CTO, David became the Head of Product, with the specific goal of ensuring the ThisIsMe solution is primed not only as an engaging tool for individuals to manage their identities, but also as an indispensable link on the merchant chain, allowing KYC, AML and CRM systems to be integrated seamlessly into the day-to-day operations of our clients.

Juan Furmie, Co-founder and CTO

Juan Furmie is a founding partner of ThisIsMe. After completing high school, he opted to dive straight in to technology, having been excited by the possibilities on the rise in the late 90s and early 2000s, despite the bubble’s eventual burst. With over 13 years business and e-Commerce experience through established and start-up organisations in various markets across the globe, Juan revels in discovering new applications for connective technology. Since co-establishing ThisIsMe, Juan has applied his end-user centric approach and proficiency in e-Commerce practices to good use. His goal is to ensure a moral responsibility towards sensitive data in a connected world.

  • Development - Strong, Innovative tech team who build out our proprietary solutions
  • Compliance & Regulation - Advisory team that focuses on Compliance & Regulations, especially pertaining to FICA & POPI.
  • Privacy & Verfication - We create a legitimate and trusted platform that is the obvious solution of choice in establishing the credibility or existence of an individual or entity anywhere in the world.

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  • Alpha Code is a phenomenal platform to network with next generation fintech players offering leading thought leadership events in a world class environment. Look forward to watching the ecosystem facilitate the next ‘Uber’ of Africa.

    Dov Girnum, CEO Merchant Capital

  • AlphaCode has been instrumental in the growth of our business. Through the club, we have met many like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses with whom we have formed strategic partnerships. The team is incredibly generous with their time and continue to give us invaluable mentorship and support.

    Annabel Dallamore, CEO Stock Shop

  • Starting a business is a daunting prospect, especially one that has a focus on an unproven and experimental technology. I have benefitted enormously from the support and wisdom I have received from AlphaCode during my time as a member.

    Lorien Gamaroff, CEO Bankymoon

  • Being located in the heart of Africa's biggest financial services hub, we have gained a lot of credibility through AlphaCode. Our customers trust our brand by association, which results in increased sales of cows.

    Ntuthuko Shezi, CEO Livestock Wealth